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Liz Rosenfeld is a Berlin based artist working with the disciplines of film, video, installation and live performance to convey a sense of past and future histories. Rosenfeld is invested in concepts of how history is experienced, lived and remembered, as well as how and where we identify ourselves within and outside of communities and social poly-relationship configurations. Currently, Rosenfeld is focusing on studying the future of climate change, the culture of climate change denialists, and how the science of epigenetics could be applied to the ecologies of queer desire as well as questions concerning how nature may inherit trauma through DNA.

In 2005, Rosenfeld directed “Untitled (Dyketactics Revisited,)” a re-enactment of experimental filmmaker Barbara Hammer’s classic film Dyketactics from 1974. This was extremely well received and continues to screen internationally.

Rosenfeld’s most prolific film project to date, “The Surface Tension Trilogy,” is three short experimental films tracking the rise and fall of the Weimar period in Berlin. This trilogy proposes experiences of this time through the eyes of Frida Kahlo & Anita Berber, Hannah Höch, and Leni Reifenstahl & Eva Braun, women who were well known for their artistic and political affiliations. While experimenting with anachronistic modes of storytelling, these short films play with queering the strategies of fact and history-making. The audience is asked to consider the Weimar period in Berlin (as well as today) through the perspective of queers and women who are living on the precipice of fascism. These films pose questions concerning the usefulness of nostalgia, history as lived experience and the way in which political and creative economies unfold. “The Surface Tension Trilogy “ received it’s world premier at The Barbican in London in November 2015, followed by the Berlin premier at The German Historical Museum, as a special event taking part in the groundbreaking Homsexiality_ies exhibit. This work is distributed by The Video Data Bank.

Rosenfeld’s most current and long term project, FOXES, will be her first feature film. FOXES follows the story of Ruby, a 16 year old girl who is part of the last generation on earth. While Ruby grapples with what it means to be queer in the wake of a global energy crisis, humans are realizing that their own bodies are becoming the most reliable and sustainable energy sources, meanwhile foxes are the only natural life form on the planet still procreating. FOXES is a coming of age story without a future.  Since 2015, Rosenfeld has been creating an extensive body of “creative research,”consisting of performance, video, and 2D works exploring the themes that she is dealing with in FOXES.

Rosenfeld is part of the queer/ feminist Berlin based moving image production collective nowMomentnow. Rosenfeld is also one of the founding members of the food- performance group foodGASM, a satellite project of nowMomentnow. foodGASM creates live performances that incorporate food, art and film, specifically with the intention of looking at the politics of labor, artist as worker, and collective feasting as revolutionary action.

Since her move to Berlin in 2008, Rosenfeld continues to work as a performer, dramaturge and film/video director. Rosenfeld has received several grants from the city of Berlin in support of her performance and film work. She has and continues to work with Berlin based artists including Jeremy Wade, Jared Gradinger, Meg Stuart, Marit Östberg, and The Knife. Rosenfeld’s work has been screened and performed at venues including The Hebbel am Ufer Theater, The C/O Gallery, The Kunst Haus Dresden, The Tate Modern, The Hayward Gallery, The British Film Institute, The Victoria & Albert Museum, and The Hammer Museum. Rosenfeld received her Masters of Fine Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2005, followed by a Masters in Performance Studies from Tisch School of The Arts at New York University in 2007.

Rosenfeld is currently working on her first solo performance work, “If You Ask Me What I Want, I’ll Tell You. I Want Everything,”premiering at Sophiensaele, Berlin in November 2017. She is also the Goethe Institute Artist in Residence at The LUX in London, UK from May 2017, where she will be conducting performative/ filmic research with LGBTQI youth for her first feature length film, FOXES.


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Photo credits:

Image 1: Alexa Vachon

Image 2: The Outer Sense, in collaboration with Heather Grey at the La Pocha Nostra Workshop, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2016.