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Project Description

Glimpse of Manipulated Stills, 2016

Glimpse of Manipulated Stills is a photographic series in progress that documents the relationship of the body in nature and the intersections of art and ecology with the intention of creating a series of performative earth works. The body is inserted into varying degrees of ‘natural’ and ‘unnatural’ environments. In some photographs the naked body is contrasted against brutal concrete art spaces, such as the biodegradable Prada Marfa sculpture. While in others, the artist’s body seems to meld into the landscape, collapsing the space between body and background. Rosenfeld plays with artifice, manipulating each of the photos in subtle and at times conspicuous ways. The artist investigates her own relational politics to ecology in the face of future environmental decline.

Glimpse of Manipulated Stills will be shown as an image installation with exhibition date to be determined.

Text by Jana Morrison