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Project Description

A Chaotic Assemblage of Understanding(s): FOXES (2017)

(Three Hour Durational Live Performance, Directed/ Conceived by Liz Rosenfeld, can be performed between 2- 30 performers)

In-between scenes cards, a beginning, middle and end, narrative arcs and characters, exists a discursive emotional current of a film treatment. Traditionally, film treatments are linear prose explaining the basic story line, and serve as vessels between scene structure and dialogue. Over the course of three hours, performers inhabit a public park, and work with body language inspired by cruising practises, while they physically lead and move the audience in and out of moments of intimate storytelling. As the audience move in and out of the performed narrative, they are able to catch glimpses into this filmic world, inviting them to piece together and engage in how one may differently process and question linearity. How can one queer the methodology of storytelling, and disrupt the assumed rules of a film treatment?

A Chaotic Assemblage of Understanding(s) is a durational performative experiment: a reading of what will become Rosenfeld’s first feature film, FOXES. FOXES is a queer- teen- feminist speculative work, dealing with queer identity and questions of radically in the wake of a future energy crisis. This work can be performed together with a cast between 2- 30 performers.

Performers Featured in Photos: Andre Neely & Amelie Roche