Death Asshole Rave Video (Directed and performed by Jeremy Wade) 2017-03-07T15:56:52+00:00

Project Description

Death Asshole Rave Video, 2015

Rosenfeld’s psychedelic video is a miscellany of death symbols and motifs. It is an assemblage of clenching sphincters, blinding white light leering through doorways, an endless loop of winding corner, decaying intestines, and petri dishes crawling with parasites. The video embodies layers of decay and death; the death of the environment, values, vulnerable bodies (Wade). Deaths counterpart: the leach, the virus, those with power who feed off other life forms for their own survival permeate and intrude.

Text by Jana Morrison


Directed and performed by Jeremy Wade
Written by Ezra Green in collaboration with Jeremy Wade
Artwork by Cowry Eyes by Fritz Welch
Video Liz Rosenfeld
Sound Mika Risiko
Costume Minttu Vesala
Lights Andreas Harder
Artistic Advisor Thomas Schaupp + Jared Gradinger
Production Bjoern and Bjoern