City Lights// Fire In The Theater (Facilitated by Meg Stuart and Maria Scaroni) 2017-09-15T11:35:24+00:00

Project Description

Fire in the Theater (video piece) & City Lights- a continuous gathering, 2016

In 2016, Rosenfeld was invited to perform and create a new video work for Meg Stuart and Maria Scaroni’s performance initiative, City Lights – a continuous gathering. Over the course of one week, together with a team of feamle artists, Stuart and Scaroni “took over” the historic Hebbel am Ufer Theater in Berlin. Rosenfeld’s video Fire in the Theater was later installed at The Barbican in 2016 as part of the exhibition “Queer Gestures,”curated by the London based arts collective I’m With You.

Photo Credit: Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods © 2016

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