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Project Description


After spending time in LUX film archive, Rosenfeld came across Luther Price‘s film, Sodom (1989) At the time of its completion, Sodom was questioned for its depiction of the AIDS Crisis and reflections of ‘pre- AIDS’ gay culture. After extensive research into the history, methodology and imagery of Sodom, Rosenfeld decided to create a new film which portrays an infamous tree in the cruising area of Hampstead Heath and reflects on her own questions relating to queer historical public space and shifting ecologies. Taking from Luther Price’s methodologies of eroding film, Rosenfeld buried parts of her original print in the LUX Garden and also soaked it in her own cum. Together, Rosenfeld considers these works works to address questions dealing with queer dystopia, a positive embrace of apocalypse, invisible genocide, while drawing parallels between the way information was publicly disseminated in the early days of the AIDS/ HIV crisis, and the current spread of information about climate change and environmental destruction. She has made FUCK TREE as a companion piece to Sodom, specifying that it can only ever be screened publicly alongside Luther Price’s film.This work was created with the support of the London Goethe- Institut and LUX Moving Image, while serving as an artist in residence.

FUCK TREE is distributed by LUX Moving Image: www.lux.org.uk