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Project Description

Together Forever, 2014

The dancer choreographer Jeremy Wade returns to HAU with a new production, inviting four artists to explore the practice of togetherness with him and opening up this offer to include the audience. A collaboration with dancer and choreographer Igor Koruga, performance artist and film maker Liz Rosenfeld, dancer and choreographer Jared Gradinger and visual artist and costume designer Michiel Keuper. The starting point for “Together Forever” is the promise of eternal love found in innumerable kitschy pop songs. The title could be understood as a reminder of how much we actually depend and rely on one another. We are going to explore the social and political implications of community and affection. Together Forever is a workshop where the performers become mediators, guiding the audience through a detailed history of togetherness. They ask how can togetherness be re-seen and experienced in the moment, a moment of foreverness? Can the bodily investment of caring cooperation help to challenge the existing social order? The piece will unfold with the influence of the multitude and together we will ask how can collective futurities occur and even possibly be sustained.

The artists would ask that you come to the theatre hungry, as dinner will be served. They would also like to announce that this experience will last up to three hours so give yourself some time.

Text by Jeremy Wade

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Von und mit: Jeremy Wade, Jared Gradinger, Igor Koruga, Liz Rosenfeld, and Michiel Keuper

Produktion und Presse: björn & björn

Produktion: Jeremy Wade. Koproduktion: HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Gefördert aus Mitteln des


Photography Credits:

Image 1: Dorothea Tuch

Image 2-4: Gerhard F. Ludwig