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Project Description

Trust Me I’m Yours (8 Hour Durational Performance), 2009

Over the duration of her performance, artist Liz Rosenfeld offers the audience a fractured narrative. A partial history of her relationship with photographer Finn Ballard, through a (re)reading of her email correspondence to him. The personal, intimate, and previously private, correspondence between Rosenfeld and Ballard is now restaged between Rosenfeld and her shifting audience of one. Bodies, once present only through an email connection, are now staged as flesh to re-enact the absence of the loved one. Each audience member is presented with an already elusive thread, a story on-the-run, catching up with the narrative where the previous encounter ended…

Trust me I’m Yours first premiered at The Victoria Albert Museum in 2009, followed by an eight-hour version in London (2011) and a shorter version at The Forest Fringe in Edinburgh (2010).

Text by Richard Hannock