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Project Description

Veiled, 2014 

In this performance, Liz Rosenfeld experiments with the idea of ‘blind desire,’ focusing on the relation of bodies to other bodies when deprived of sight. The traditional relationship between the artist and audience is altered through their collective lack of a major sensorial facet. Connection must take place by other means. The possibility of bringing the audience and performer closer to one another is tested through the charged presence of an unfamiliar erotic body.  The artist and audience are bound together for the duration of the performance as they oscillate between listening and watching to the artist detail her multiple polyamorous relationships with both sound and visuals. Rosenfeld’s video archive consists of her various personal interactions with friends and lovers while blindfolded. Rosenfeld constructs a poly-relational space where strangers can meet and experience radical intimacy through the act of seeing and not seeing. Veiled was commissioned as one of the inaugural performances for the 2014 Donau Festival in Krems, Austria as part of the program “The Great Big Togetherness,” which was curated by performer Jeremy Wade.

Text by Jana Morrison


Live Performance and Recorded Sound 

Performance and video of Liz Rosenfeld.
Videos: Imogen Heath, Finn Ballard Jackson, Tracie Farrell, Julian Curico, Sarah-Jane Norman, Daniel Cremer, Paulita Pappel
Voice Coach: Valerie Renay
Dramaturg: Richard Hancock