Performa Interview with Liz Rosenfeld

Lydia Brawner, currently the Andrew W. Mellon Curatorial Fellow at Performa, in conversation with Liz Rosenfeld about her newest solo performance, "If You Ask Me What I Want, I'll Tell You. I Want Everything."  Check out the interview here: http://performa-arts.org/magazine/entry/liz-rosenfeld-in-conversation-with-lydia-brawner Photo Credit: Alexa Vachon

Liz gives an artist talk at Birmingham Open Media on April 29th

Liz will present her audio performance " The Current State of The Future" at the Genecraft Biohack Symposium at Birmingham Open Media on Saturday, April 29th. Following this performance she will be in conversation with artist Rea Hartley regarding their shared interest in history and Epigenetics. For Event Information: http://www.bom.org.uk/event/genecraft-biohack/  

Goethe at Lux Residency

I am very excited to announce my acceptance into the new residency offered by the Goethe-Institute in London in collaboration with LUX. I will be living in London from May to July and working with LGBTQI youth while researching and learning about the ecological and queer history of Hampstead Heath. Together we will be creating [...]